Accommodation is a very important part of your experience when come to study English abroad. Some students like to stay with a host family, so they can be more integrated with the local culture. Others people really like our student residence (house shares) – it’s a popular choice! – where students share an apartment with other language students, sharing facilities, like in university.


Student Residence

Our residences are intended for students who really want to enjoy to live in university style accommodation, sharing apartment with other students, cooking and socialising facilities. All of our residences are located in safe areas of the city and most of them are close to the College (10 - 25 minutes on foot). The residences have Single, twin and multi-bedded rooms, are well equipped with all standard conveniences: washing and cooking facilities for self-catering, high- speed Wi-Fi connection and complete bedding. Our prices include the bills (electricity, gas, water, bins) and free Wi-Fi Internet connection. ISE do not guarantee availability in central accommodation. Prices start from €120 per week for a Triple Room.


Host Family

Homestays are the best option to experience the culture and learn more about local people. This is highly recommended for students who want to be immersed in the Irish life style, with home cooking and the opportunity to practice the language through conversation. The student can also experience living in a typical environment, which will enrich their knowledge of the local culture. Generally located outside the city centre, homestay can offer you a huge number of options, including single or shared rooms with half board and en suite or shared bathroom. We advise all students to expect a journey time of at least 30 minutes. Special request (dietary, pets, children etc) must be made at the time of the initial booking. Prices start from €210 per week for a Single Room.