You can apply to ISE IRELAND through a local agent in your country, directly to the school or through our website by clicking here. Before you apply, you should look through the website to see the courses available.

Visa and Legal Requirements:

-Non-EU Students who wish to study in Ireland for longer than 90 days will need to get a student visa to cover the duration of their stay in Ireland. In many cases, you can get your student visa after you arrive in Ireland. You will need to have an Acceptance letter when you enter the country and state your intention to study when you arrive.

-EU Students do not need any special visa to study in Ireland. Students from countries which do not need a visa to enter Ireland can study on a course of up to 90 days without getting a student visa.

To find out if you need to organise your student visa before you arrive or if you can get one after arriving, check out the Irish immigration website at


ISE Policy:

All registered English language Stamp 2 study visa learners are required to take an external examination to verify their learning. Learners will agree their end of course exam at registration and these details will be recorded on their GNIB letter.


Stamp 2 Visa Learners must take such an examination and the designated exam suite for learners of General English is the Trinity ISE exams.

The Director of Studies / Assistant Director of Studies and the School Manager are responsible for ensuring learner awareness, compliance, enrolment and the subsequent secure recording of results.

At the time of registration all registered students, requiring external exam verification for study visa purposes are required to sign a contract acknowledging their awareness of the need to take such an exam.

Students should enrol for retrospective examinations according to their level of English. Enrolment dates are displayed on the student noticeboards.

For FCE and IELTS learners are enrolled at the beginning of term to allow for the timing of an available space at a recognised exam centre (e.g., UCD (University College Dublin) within the timeframe available.